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New Homepage

The archive for local history has just released a new homepage. For those of you who can read Danish, there is a lot of information about the Grene parish to which Billund belong. But we have also added special pages in English. We intend to extend this content. Do you have any suggestions?


76 years since an English bomber was shot down

April 27, 1945 an English bomber was shot down by German anti-aircraft guns. Flowers will be laid on April 27 at 4 PM at the memorial park. It is located on the first parking lot on the right hand side on Koldingvej.

The Danish resistance movement did under WW II get a major part of their supplies from England. They got it during the nights from RAF flights. Sometimes it went wrong, and a plane had to make a crash landing just south of Billund April 27, 1945 (close to the rest area towards Kolding). You can find the full story in English told by crew members here

Corona restrictions

Due to the current restrictions, as well the archive located in the Billund Center as The Old School are closed for the moment. But you are welcome to contact us on our mail address  

Picture of the month

The Billund blacksmith 1908. We have posted a new, old picture from ancient Billund. It shows the blacksmith who had his blacksmith shop at Hovedgaden 11. It is more or less where you find Sportsmaster today. He opened his place about 1894.