The archive and collection

The archive for local history is located in the Billund Center. Here you will be able to get help regarding pictures and documents telling about the Grene parish (of which Billund is a part). If you go to and search for “Lokalhistorisk Arkiv  for Grene Sogn”, you can see what we have. Try and look for pictures or other type of information regarding the past. At the bottom of the frontpage you can push an English flag leading you into an English version of You will also be able to find a guide as how to use the website. But text materials you find will still be in Danish.

Collection at The Old School

We do also have a collection of physical items in The Old School (Den Gamle Skole) located between Coop and ISB. You will especially find a large collection of old tools which was used in the ancient Billund area. The building does also have a class room as it looked about 70 years back. And it has an old kitchen and maids room and much more. You (or a school class) can also get an appointment by contacting us at if you prefer that to the normal opening hour.